The Power of Out of Home Advertising during the Holidays


“Our own research showed that 56% of consumers use their local high street at Christmas and almost half of shoppers spend a great deal of time thinking about gift purchasing while on public transport..”

-Simon Harrington via “The Warc Blog.”

 Christmas is an essential time for driving outdoor advertising! Spirits are high and with a buzz of festivities to attend to and presents to buy, the Holiday season is definitely prime time for marketing to customers outside their home.  Especially in Australia, where our Holiday time coincides with out Summer season, the amount of consumers spending time outdoors during December and January is massive.

At Shipley Brown Media we offer digital sites that have the ability to change creative images as much as you like; this is especially helpful if you consider running real time sales and specials during the countdown to Christmas, for example. It is also a known concept that traffic is increased during the busy holiday period, leaving more time spent in the cars and on the roads where our stock of static and digital billboards are strategically placed waiting to entertain the minds of the travelling consumers.

We also have the Sydney Harbour Ferries as part of our fleet and it is safe to say the amount of passengers travelling on the Sydney ferries over the holiday season massively increases.  During the holiday season, the ferries are an enjoyable and safe alternative to get to your Christmas parties! Advertising on our panels through out the entire fleet of the Sydney Harbour ferries is a sure way to get your product noticed.


Shipley Brown Media thrives on modern and real time approaches to outdoor advertising. The holiday season is an exciting time for new ideas, concepts, and out of the box marketing …anything we can do to enhance the out of home advertising experience is in our nature!

Merry Christmas & Happy 2016 to all!

Tradie Media has launched with Shipley Brown Media!

target tradies logo1

Target Tradies is now part of our out of-home-inventory! This is a unique advertising opportunity reaching the cash rich Australian Tradie Market.  Positioned on active construction sites there is no audience wastage.  Advertising panels are positioned in site ofices, lunch rooms, and wash rooms required on building sites.  These positions provide dwell time viewing for construction workers on their breaks and on site arrival.  According to the BT Australian Financial Health Index, Tradies are the biggest spenders in Australia- spending more than doctors & lawyers on food, medical, childcare, and schooling.  There are over 10,525 assets available nationally.  We are excited about this new advertising opportunity to offer to clients.

We have new inventory in Sydney…

Shipley Brown are proud to announce that we are now representing Sydney Ferries!

The Sydney Ferry service is a unique public transport service in Sydney and are an integral part of the harbour landscape.

For anyone living near the water and on the Parramatta River ferry travel is the most practical way to commute!

Is there any better way to get to work in Sydney?

the ICONIC SERIES is growing!

goa is excited to announce that the second of its ICONIC SERIES is being brought to life on Monday, 8 June 2015. THE MILTON ICONIC will be a double-sided sister site to Brisbane’s best billboard, THE CORO ICONIC in Toowong.
The build is part of a bold strategy for goa, which will see THE ICONIC SERIES grow dramatically in the next six months.
goa’s Joint Managing Director Chris Tyquin has said “research shows that bold, iconic structures really resonate with audiences”.
“THE ICONIC SERIES takes this one step further. THE MILTON ICONIC is not only on the forefront of industrial design (with each build costing over a million dollars), it also brings a combined 100sqm of cutting edge digital technology to the heart of Brisbane’s western corridor”.
“The series will become a complete solution for those looking to shift the mindset of Brisbane’s prestige buyers”.
The further expansion of THE ICONIC SERIES will see some of Brisbane’s highest traffic locations furnished with these truly landmark sites in 2015. They will become Brisbane’s premium screen network encircling the CBD, capturing the city’s highly affluent audiences.
This is alongside the expansion of goa’s broadcast offering, THE goa GRID.
Chris has further said “as the Australian pioneers of digital roadside screens, we’re always pushing the envelope, looking for the next value-add for our clients and audiences”.
“Watch this space, because THE goa GRID and particularly THE ICONIC SERIES are it”.

Traffic in Brisbane on the increase…

‘Traffic on Brisbane’s major roads has increased by 3.5 per cent, meaning motorists are spending more time stuck in traffic during peak hour, according to Brisbane City Council data.’

Coronation Drive is currently ranking as Brisbane’s busiest road – Great time to have your brand seen on ‘THE Coro ICONIC’ with 75,560 cars on average using this road EVERY DAY.